PSYCHICS are going to attempt what Gordon Brown has been unable to accomplish - plucking Britain from the grasp of the recession.

The all-female group, including psychic mentor Amanda Hart of Admirals Way in Colney Heath, will be undertaking the biggest psychic experiment in Britain using positive thinking to drive away the recession.

They are hoping the positive thoughts of 60 million people nationwide will prove powerful enough to bring an end to the ongoing economic crisis.

A silence, dubbed The Faith of Britain Day, will take place on March 6 from 11am and it is hoped all people across the country join in. Amanda, who discovered her spiritual powers after "miraculously" surviving a deadly bout of septicemia, said: "Anyone from Tescos to leisure centres can join in,"

Amanda said the date of the event is symbolic because the third month, the sixth day and the ninth year are all multiples of three which she claimed represents balance, adding that its start time is a powerful number which will encourage us to look within ourselves to find solutions.