A SPECTACULAR mural depicting US President Barack Obama's face from words of his victory speech has been displayed by a mystery artist in Harpenden.

The art work has been glued to a billboard promoting Sky One's war documentary Return to Afghanistan at the entrance to Harpenden Station car park.

It is unclear what the painting represents but it could be interpreted to be promoting President Obama's visit to the UK for the G20 summit in London to discuss solutions to the global economic crisis with other world leaders.

However as the artist is anonymous, the true meaning of the piece may never be known.

The impressive drawing, believed to have been displayed in the last week, captured the eye of commuter Liz Walton of Station Road, Harpenden, who is studying fine art at Central St Martins College in London.

She told the Review: "I thought it was really impressive. I just thought it was quite clever the way it has been done.

"There were four other people standing near me when I spotted it and they seemed to think it was interesting that it had been put up on an Afghanistan poster."

(li) Are you the artist? Or can you interpret its true meaning?

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