MOBILE phone operator Orange has told the Review it intends on appealing against St Albans District Council's decision to reject its planning application last night.

The battle between the operator, the council and residents, over a phone mast being erected on the corner of Gurney Court Road and Sandpit Lane in Marshalswick, has reached seven years.

However, an agreement has not been made on a location, and Gurney Court Road residents mounted a campaign to stop this from going ahead in their area.

Rebecca D'Arcy, spokeswoman for Orange, said: "Orange were disappointed at last night's decision to refuse the application for a mast in Gurney Court Road and will today commence a full appeal assessment.

"Given the long running history of trying to establish coverage in this area, it is highly likely that an appeal will be submitted.

"Orange had previously walked away from a planning consent at Gurney Court Road, at the request of both residents and the council, in order to look at alternative sites, and in particular Clarence Park.

"We have been unable to pursue the Clarence Park site due to restrictions within the council's lease and have therefore returned to our original site."