Hertfordshire councillors are ploughing onward with their plans for an incinerator somewhere in the county.

They're not calling it an incinerator of course. They usually don't call it anything, just a "waste management facility", but if pressed they'll call it an "energy from waste" facility.

These EFW plants supposedly get some energy out of burning waste, but that is not their primary function and they are not very good at it. Some of them produce no energy at all.

Incineration is a stone age technology incapable of safely dealing with modern waste. It does not encourage waste minimisation or recycling and it has long been associated with health problems for communities living near incinerators.

The Green Party wants the best possible modern waste management methods, including improved recycling facilities, re-use and repair facilities and mechanical and biological waste treatments. These methods are safe, better for the environment and create more local jobs.