AN "inspirational" mother-of-two is sharing her battle with cancer as she stars in an emotional television advert for Cancer Research UK.

Fiona Crompton, of Harpenden, is one of the main focuses of the advert which highlights the stark realities of living with the illness and for the first time the charity is featuring real suffers and survivors.

The 41-year-old speaks directly to the camera to millions of viewers helping to deliver a message which recognises the progress patients make through treatment and the long battle she has endured to beat the disease.

Fiona, who was diagnosed with breast cancer just two days before her 34th birthday, said: “You just have to get on with it – there is no choice. Losing my hair the first time was so traumatic, but the second and third time I just shaved it off.”

Married to Simon and mother to Sophie, 13, and James, 11, Fiona first blamed pain on her upper body as a damaged tendon from workouts at the gym, but cancer never crossed her mind.

Her mum, who is a nurse, advised her to get it checked by the GP and Fiona was then referred to a breast clinic.

She added: “I refuse to be a victim, I don't feel sorry for myself as that gets you nowhere. I am terrified that I won't see my children grow up and that devastates me.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I naively thought I would have treatment and that would be that.

“These days I am less selfish and try to give something back for being here. Cancer has changed my life in so many ways. I now feel able to make choices about what is important that I may not have considered before.”

Helen Johnstone, spokesman for Cancer Research UK, said: “The phrase 'I've had a really bad day' is often thrown around, but our new ad campaign puts things in perspective.

“Every one of the inspirational people featured in the ad is either a cancer survivor or cancer patient, who has experienced the truly 'bad day' which is played out in the ad.”

The thought provoking advert is currently being aired on terrestrial, satellite and digital channels.

Fiona added: “I spend quality time with those I love. My family comes first and other pointless things fade away. I now create wonderful memories for my kids as you don't know what lies around each corner.”