A HORSE stuck in a lake in Colney Heath was rescued after a two-hour battle yesterday morning.

The chestnut mare, stuck in the muddy bottom of a ten foot deep fishing lake off Richardson Close, was spotted at 6.30am by a passer-by who alerted firefighters and the RSPCA.

Animal collection officer Sarah Lambert said: “A harness was attached to the horse’s back and another behind her front legs - we and fire officers then pushed and pulled the horse onto the bank.

“She was examined by a vet and was found to be suffering from cold and shock.  She recovered quickly and was soon on her feet and reunited with her hungry foal.

"This was a very successful rescue and I’m glad that the horse and her foal are back together again. 

“She must have been in the water for some time - we needed to get her out as soon as we could to prevent her from suffering further from the cold. 

“I would like to thank the fire and rescue service for attending so quickly and helping this animal.  Their assistance was invaluable.”

A scan revealed that the horse had a microchip registered in France so  the RSPCA is investigating how she came to be in Colney Heath.