I'm sure some Lib Dem activists are reeling from the idea that Cameron's Tories could be wooing them so unashamedly. But the fact is that the Westminster parties' policies are now so in step with each other as to make them almost indistinguishable.

How is a voter to decide which party's "savage cuts" they would prefer? What is a voter to do if they want to see investment in public services instead of cuts?

Labour has long-since abandoned the idea of social justice, in favour of a Tory-lite approach to deregulation, privatisation, and pandering to big business. Now that the Lib Dems have joined in, dropping meaningful tax reform, abandoning public investment, and consistently failing to match up to their supposed green credentials, there is nothing to choose between them.

No wonder so many voters are choosing "none of the above", and the smaller parties are making hay.