A UNIVERSITY graduate from Hatfield who struggled to get a job after moving to the UK from Portugal will be lending a helping hand to others in the same boat.

Leoner Leal Da Silva has walked away with a 2:1 MSC postgraduate degree from the University of Hertfordshire and is now assisting other graduates in their search for work.

The mature student from Portugal first arrived in August 2007, with just £300, no job and her accommodation paid for three months.

Being an international student became a real strain for Leoner who was not entitled to a student loan or any help from the government, which made it hard for her to survive.

Speaking about what inspired her to help others Leoner said: “I could never have passed my masters if it wasn't for Studynet. It allowed me to revise my lectures in my own time, which meant that I didn't have to give up my job.”

Leoner managed to secure a job at a handbag shop in the Galleria as she needed to money to help her through her studies.

She added: “Studynet is an excellent resource where students can view lectures and various other teaching materials.”

Leoner has since been recruited as a graduate researcher to help other students find work. She now manages and leads the research in projects at the university's Graduate Consulting Unit.