PLANS for a mobile phone mast in Marshalswick, which was met with fierce opposition from local residents, has been given the go-ahead by a Planning Inspectorate.

Orange applied to St Albans District Council to site a mast on a plot of land on the corner of Sandpit Lane and Gurney Court Road.

Its first attempt was refused by a planning committee and then dismissed at an appeal. However in April the company came back with another application to overcome problems lodged by the police who said the phone mast would obstruct CCTV cameras in the area.

This was again refused by the district council and the Planning Inspectorate has decided to allow Orange's appeal.

Residents and local councillors objected to the proposals and campaigned for the eight-metre high mast to be rejected.

They feared the communications equipment would create a health risk and also objected to its unsuitable location.

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