A DANGEROUS dog has been seized by police from its owners in St Albans.

The American Pit Bull Terrier, a banned breed, was taken from an address in Cell Barnes Lane.

Owners of the 14-month-old dog had the option of being prosecuted or giving up the dog - which they did on November 23.

PC Dean Mason, neighbourhood officer for Cell Barnes and Cunningham, said: “American Pit Bulls are a banned breed and it is illegal to own them.”

PC Mason has been working with St Albans District Council, the Hightown Praetorian and Churches Housing Association and PC Lee Osborne, who is the single point of contact for dangerous dogs in St Albans, to get the breed of the streets.

In September the officers seized another American Pit Bull Terrier from the Batchwood area of St Albans.

PC Osborne said: “It is very unusual to have these dogs in St Albans and especially as neither of these cases were linked.

“It has obviously been very upsetting for the families of these dogs, who have had to give up their pets – but they have been very co-operative.”

He advises residents to get in touch if they are considering buying a dog and have any suspicions that it may be a banned breed.

Anyone who needs information can call PC Osborne on 01727 796042.