A CALL to unite against the National Front marching on St Albans Abbey has gone out from a supporter of Canon Jeffrey John.

Last week the Review revealed that the far-right National Front is planning a protest march against the gay priest being installed as Dean of St Albans, referring to the appointment as a "subversion" of the church.

This week a defender of Jeffrey John who wishes to remain anonymous circulated the address of an e-mail account where people can voice their objections to the arrival of the National Front in the city.

In a statement the objector said: "In an attempt to show some sort of resistance and support for Jeffrey John and state the unhappy views of many, this e-mail account was created for anybody to log into anonymously and send an e-mail to the NF stating their views on the proposed march." The e-mail address is stopthemarch12@ hotmail.com.

Dr John will be installed as dean at 5pm on Friday, July 2.

The National Front has not yet said when or where the march will start. It will end at the abbey where where members plan to distribute leaflets describing how according to NF deputy chairman Bernard Franklin "... the church is being infiltrated and is being destroyed from within".