A FAR Right BNP activist refuses to fade into the darkness, despite polling the fewest votes in London Colney's by election.

Danny Seabrook, 37, who lives in the village, came fourth with 61 votes in yesterday's poll to fill a seat in North-West ward.

But undeterred by his political failure, Mr Seabrook insists he will continue to rally voters and canvass support for the controversial party.

He told the Review today: "It's unchartered territory. It's the first time I have stood in London Colney.

"It was only a parish seat - I'm not disappointed.

"I'm happy that we got close to the ten per cent mark. When you start where I have there's only one way you can go - upwards. We're going again at district level.

"I'm definitely not stopping, Im here to stay. Every election that comes up, I'll be standing in it - we will eventually get there."

Labour's Maria Aguado, who has edited the village newsletter for many years, took 225 votes with a majority of 32 over Lib Dem Vibeke Naleri.

The election, caused by the death of a sitting Labour parish councillor, saw David Winstone for the Conservatives finish third with 181.