A ST ALBANS woman who fears she has been infected through a transfusion with a fatal brain disease has told the Review of her anger that a law to prevent similar tragedies is stuck in Parliament.

The haemophoiliac woman, who does not want to be named but has told the Review before of her gratitude for MP Anne Main's support, has been told she may have been infected with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

In her late thirties, she is now in fairly good health, but knows she will not live long once symptoms start, usually at about 60.

On Wednesday she was one of 130 people who went to Parliament to lobby MPs to enact a bill providing support, treatment and compensation for victims, and imposing safeguards on blood stocks.

She said: "Anne Main kept her promise and met with me and my family at Westminster.

"Unfortunately, during the second reading on February 5, Kerry McCarthy, the MP for Bristol East, called out 'object', so the bill is now going to be heard on February 26.

"Kerry McCarthy is also meant to back haemophiliacs, so this has caused a lot of upset, as we were all hoping that the bill would become law.

"At present our blood is not safe and therefore everybody that recieves a blood transfusion is at risk.

"Kerry McCarthy said he would like a debate - the people affected by this have wanted a debate for months and we have been ignored."