DOZENS of football fans squeezed into a Harpenden pub this afternoon to watch their heroes do battle in 3D.

An errant linesman may have helped Chelsea to a controversial victory at Manchester United, but it was the many fans squeezed into The George who definitely did require glasses.

Supporters young and old at the High Street venue donned specially tinted eyewear to enjoy the action.

Manager Dionne Clark explained: “It’s been absolutely packed in here. The 3D screen has been really popular and the feedback has been great.

“We’re one of only 1,000 pubs in the country to have a Sky 3D screen so we’re really lucky to have it. In future we’ll be showing boxing and rugby on it as well.”

After the match, which Chelsea won by two goals to one, fans gave their reactions to the technology.

Phil Cowley, of Redbourn, said: “I really liked it. I wouldn’t normally have come here but I wanted to see what football looked like in 3D. I think they still have to do some work on the technology but the idea is excellent and I’d definitely come again.”

Eight-year-old son Aaron, however, could not see past the crushing defeat inflicted upon his beloved Manchester United. “I really liked the 3D but didn’t like to see Manchester United get beaten,” he grumbled.

Matt Swan, meanwhile, who watched the game with a group of friends, had other concerns. He told the Review: “Two of us have got headaches. But we can’t work out if they’ve come from the TV or the amount of lager we’ve had to drink.”