THE British National Party has for the first time put forward candidates to stand for election to St Albans District Council.

Undeterred by a spate of political failings across the county, the far right party is fielding Danny Seabrook in London Colney, and claims to have nominated Roger Bailey in Batchwood ward, although his name does not appear on the official list provided by the district council.

After a trouncing at the London Colney Parish Council by-election in February, Mr Seabrook, a building firm manager by trade, pledged an impending return to local politics.

Staying true to his word, the 37-year-old BNP activist will now fight for a foothold in the village, this time at district level. If elected, Mr Seabrook, who lives in London Colney, has vowed to fight 'tooth and nail' to 'preserve' the village from the siting of further mosques. It follows the controversial approval of an islamic prayer centre in the village earlier this year.

Mr Seabrook, who is also going head to head against mainstream parties for the parliamentary seat in Hertsmere, told the Review: "The first action in the village would be to preserve what London Colney has and not to add to it. As it's a small village, people want it to stay a small village.

"People are genuinely worried about what's going on with the Islamic community and they can see which way it's going to go."

The full list of candidates for St Albans District Council elections on May 6 are as follows: Batchwood

Amanda Archer (LibDem) Naomi Love (Green) Roma Mills (Labour) Tim Smith (Conservative)

Marshalswick South

Salih Gaygusuz (Conservative) Jill Mills (Green) Anthony Nicholson (Labour) Rod Perks (LibDem)


Dursun Altun (Conservative) Pete Eggleston (Green) Helen Ives-Rose (Labour) Joyce Lusby (LibDem)

St Peters

John Baker (Labour) Michael Green (LibDem) Simon Grover (Green) Emma Harding (Conservative)


Catherine barron (LibDem) Netta Gibbs (Labour) Margaret Grover (Green) Philip Roe (UKIP) Nathanael Young (Conservative)


Kate Metcalf (Green) David Poor (LibDem) Janet Smith (Labour) Bruce Snell (Conservative)


John Metcalf (Labour) Rob Prowse (LibDem) Greg Riener (Green) James Vessey (Conservative)

Ashley Ward

John Paton (Labour) Anthony Rowlands (LibDem) Graham Ward (Green) Guy Young (Conservative)

Colney Heath

Robert Barton (Green) Jamie Day (LibDem) Michael Mulholland (Labour) Lynn Myland (Conservative)


Helen Bishop (LibDem) Richard Harris (Labour) Beric Read (Conservative) Ian Troughton (Green)

Marshalswick North

Tom Clegg (LibDem) John Foster (Conservative) Ruairi McCourt (Labour) Rosalind Paul (Green)


Jane Cloke (Labour) Roger Gray (Conservative) Thomas Hardy (Green) Colin O'Donovan (LibDem)

London Colney

Tamara Fogarty (Green) Dreda Gordon (Labour) Vibs Nazeri (LibDem) Danny Seabrook (BNP) Irene Willcocks (Conservative)

Park Street

Dominic Benson (Labour) Lucy Eggleston (Green) Mark Ewington (Independant) Roger Gray (UKIP) Aislinn Lee (LibDem) Stella Nash (Conservative)

St Stephen Ward

Lesley Baker (Green) Janet Blackwell (Labour) Sue Featherstone (Conservative) Jon Humphrey (LibDem)


Annie Brewster (Conservative) David Lawlor (Labour) Judy Shardlow (LibDem) Kristian Tizzard (Green)

Harpenden East

Tim Blackwell (Green) Richard Lane (Labour) Dean Russell (Conservative) Alison Steer (LibDem)

Harpenden North

Gordon Burrow (LibDem) Rosemary Ross (Labour) Annett Tate (Green) Geoffrey Turner (Conservative)

Harpenden South

Tony Grover (Green) Teresa Heritage (Conservative) Paul Spinks (LibDem) Linda Ann Spiri (Labour)

Harpenden West

Julian Daly (Conservative) Ben Dearman (Labour) Lydia El-Khouri (Green) Jeff Phillips (LibDem)