WITH potholes blighting the county's roads, one witty St Albans resident has attempted to cheer up the district by creating some comical relief amid the ongoing problem.

Instead of joining the hoards of residents in their anguish over the appalling state of Hertfordshire's roads, one anonymous artist decided to jazz up just a few of the craters in Harpenden with some amusing graffiti.

Reader Liz Walton stumbled across these potholes (pictured)in Devonshire Road and Spencer Road.

Hertfordshire Highways agreed a strategy to repair the county's roads at a cabinet meeting this morning.

The county's assistant manager for transport Rob Smith said: "Following unprecedented damage to the county's roads this winter, we have carried out extensive surveys and included the sites most in need of repair in our works programme for the next year.

"We appreciate how important road maintenance is to Hertfordshire's residents and we've been working hard to repair hazardous defects caused by the cold weather. The number of potholes being reported has declined in the last month, which is encouraging news. The next step is to start making permanent repairs to the roads that have suffered extensive damage during the winter."

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