A ST ALBANS woman is playing a key role in a national campaign to control the proliferation of broadband boxes on the streets of Britain.

Vanessa Gregory of Chiswell Green will meet BT Openreach bosses on September 22 with other members of the national organisation Civic Voice.

The campaigners are concerned about the green metal equipment boxes which the company installs on pavements and verges to ensure homes and businesses get fast internet connection.

Broadband boxes do not need planning permission except in conservation areas and the Review has reported recently how BT Openreach has angered people in St Albans by failing to notify them of installation.

Ms Gregory said: "We are not against broadband - I know it is vitally important for many businesses and very useful for people.

"But the boxes are huge ugly things and a blight on the street scene.

"The nation needs broadband but it does not have to be at the expense of the street environment.

"BT Openreach and other broadband infrastructure have responsibilities to the millions of people whose local environment is affected as well as to broadband customers."

She will be pressing the company for flexibility over design and colour and asking it to develop alternative technologies, removing the boxes when they become redundant.

Ms Gregory hopes people in St Albans will email her with their views and experiences at, ironically, vanessa.a.gregory@btinternet.com.