A 67-year-old man killed himself after becoming increasingly concerned about a recent business venture, an inquest heard today.

Colin McColm was found dead in his Park Street flat, in Frogmore, on October 4, 2010, with a self-inflicted knife wound to his neck.

The inquest heard how Mr McColm had been seeing a psychiatrist for several months, having been diagnosed with severe depression.

Speaking at the inquest, psychiatrist Dr Michael Walker explained how Mr McColm admitted in May that he was having suicidal thoughts, but was unable to carry out at least three attempts on his life.

Mr McColm revealed in discussions with his GP and Dr Walker that his depression stemmed from concerns over a property he and his wife had purchased in Essex.

After becoming "very distressed" in May, Mr McColm was referred to Lambourn Grove Elderly Assessment Unit, in St Albans, for three days, where his mood improved "noticeably".

Despite this, he remained on prescribed anti-depressants, and was visited at his home once-a-week by Dr Walker for check-ups.

On one such visit, on September 21, the inquest heard that Mr McColm was again concerned about a set back in his Essex business venture.

Dr Walker explained that he did not feel Mr McColm had relapsed into depression, and denied having any suicidal thought.

Sadly, on October 4, Mr McColm's wife popped out and, after becoming concerned when she could not contact her husband, returned to find him lying on the kitchen floor.

Recording a verdict at Hatfield Coroner's Court today, deputy coroner Francis Cranfield said Mr McColm killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed.