THE Tory party at St Albans District Council officially took control of the authority last night.

At the meeting of the full council Councillor Julian Daly proposed the Conservatives would take over power, after the Lib Dems lost control in this month's local elections due to losing six seats.

The new leader of the council, who appointed Councillor Mike Wakely as his deputy, said: “We want to run this council if you are willing to support us.

“We will listen to what the public have to say. I would like to thank the councillors and Robert Donald's leadership.”

Councillor Donald responded: “We will not be opposing the Conservatives' leadership, we have accepted the electorate's verdict earlier this month.

“Albeit, it had to do with national issues rather than local ones. We accept that we will therefore act as the main opposition in the chamber.

“We accept change but we will watch very carefully how the changes match the promises made. We will oppose if they try to reverse everything we have tried to do over the last few years.”

Although the Tories will control the cabinet, the Lib Dem, Labour, Independent and Green Party councillors will hold, and be members of, several committees.

The council's cabinet members will be as follows:

  • Councillor Julian Daly, portfolio holder for resources
  • Councillor Daniel Chichester Miles, portfolio holder for environment
  • Councillor Brian Ellis, portfolio holder for housing
  • Councillor Teresa Heritage, portfolio holder for planning and conservation
  • Councillor Beric Read, portfolio holder for community engagement and localism
  • Councillor Mike Wakely, portfolio holder for sport, leisure and heritage