CAMPAIGNERS say they are “over the moon” about the district council's decision to include two extra lanes at the new Westminster Lodge swimming pool.

Pool Too Small, which has been pushing for extra water space at the redeveloped leisure centre, is celebrating the news which was announced this week.

Leader David Gilroy said: “We are obviously delighted with the result, this is the biggest moment in the history of Pool Too Small – we are over the moon.

“We understand a 50 metre pool would have been very difficult to include. This is a pragmatic approach taken by the new council and Wilmott Dixon who I congratulate for this remarkable transformation.”

Mr Gilroy said the group feared that, with only eight lanes at the pool, keen swimmers and families would have been turned away.

But with the extra lanes he said he envisages more people being able to take advantage of the new facility.

He said: “With just eight lanes the place would have been overloaded, or queues outside the door, which would have been sheer embarrassment.

“Our campaign is not over yet, we have a water space shortage across the district. What has happened at Westminster Lodge has taken the pressure of other leisure centres in the district to provide the water space.”