The street market in St Albans city centre could receive a new look this summer if plans are given the go-ahead.

Consultations are underway between traders and the market management in an attempt to upgrade the market, improving efficiency, reducing costs and managing the recycling of market waste.

The proposals, which are due to be discussed by the district council over the next few months, include new stall designs, new coverings, increased weather protection and improved storage.

There are also plans to include a new environmentally-friendly power and lighting system.

Councillor Dursun Altun, the Conservative representative for Verulam, said: "Our market is at the heart of our city and is one of the best markets around.

"We need to upgrade the quality and standards of the market stalls and at the same time, make efficiencies to maximise the economic benefits that the market brings.

"Our strategy is not only to increase footfall from within St Albans but to make our market a major attraction to new customers from surrounding areas.

"This is a really exciting project and will provide a much needed boost to our local economy at this difficult time."

A private company, which is based in Nottingham, has been selected to design the new market but they have yet to be named as the final contractors.

The company has been set the challenge of creating two prototype stalls that will be tested by traders over the next few weeks.

The plan to modernise the market is part of the council’s vision to regenerate and revitalise the city centre.

If the proposals are approved shoppers will be able to see the improvements appearing by the summer.