A mother of two from Chiswell Green is raising awareness of a liver disease linked to pregnancy, following her experience with the condition.

Alice Tuson, of Watford Road, has organised a charity event at DJ's Jungle Adventure on June 26 in a bid to raise awareness of obstetric cholestasis, a condition not recognised by most pregnant women.

The charity OC Support, launched recently, aims to spread the word about the symptoms of the condition and how at its most severe level can cause still birth.

Alice, 32, found when she was pregnant with Thomas, now three-years-old, she was itching her legs and turned to the doctor for advice.

That was the moment when what she thought was a normal pregnancy, suddenly turned into something much more serious.

The doctor kept a close eye on Alice, taking regular blood tests. Alice said: "They just weren't happy with the baby's heart beat. I was then 37 weeks and soon after Thomas was born. During my second pregnancy it followed quite a similar pattern."

"The itching for me was not so severe, but for some women it is really bad. It can start at any time and this is the message we need to spread.

"So many women I have met don't know about OC, we worry that there are so many women unaware of how serious it is. It's a serious liver disease."

OC affects 1 in 140 pregnant women in the UK and can lead to complications and risks including premature birth, fetal distress and still birth.

Alice, mum to three-year-old Thomas and one-year-old Erin, added: "The idea of having the event in St Albans is being able to help local women learn more about OC. Help to raise awareness and raise money to fund research into the condition."

The charity event is being held between 10am and midday at the adventure play centre in St Albans Road. Entry costs £6.50 for a child and £9.50 for a family of up to three children.

For more information on the charity visit www.ocsupport.org Tickets can be purchased by contacting Alice on 07983 595 351, or by emailing alicevasey@hotmail.com