Children at a secondary school in St Albans had the opportunity to make and fire rockets as part of a worldwide record attempt.

Loreto College in Hatfield Road fired 16 water rockets made by pupils and staff yesterday (Wednesday) as part of the Water Rocket Challenge, which is organised by NASA and the University of Central Lancashire.

The challenge aims to set a new record for the number of water-powered bottle rockets to be launched in a 24-hour period.

Joe Bilton, key stage four co-ordinator of science at the school, said: "Getting girls involved in physics and engineering is important.

"It puts in to practice all the physics they have learnt over the last year.

"It is a fun thing to do."

Year 7 students had the chance to create their own rockets using a range of different materials.

Amelia Kelly, 12, designed her piece with a Wallace and Gromit theme.

She said: "They always go to the moon and it is one of my favourite programmes.

"It is something different and we get to show off what we can do."

With the help of her uncle, Jessica Liviero created a rocket filled with glitter.

The 11-year-old said: "It didn’t go very high but it was funny because my teacher was covered in glitter."

The girls, joined by members of staff, spent their lunchtime watching the rockets being fired in the school field.

Ella Cassidy, 12, said: "I really like seeing all the different rockets.

"I want to make one now.

"I like seeing what actually happens rather than just reading it in a text book."