Members of staff taking tea and coffee breaks at work set St Albans businesses back approximately £365 each per year.

Leeds University Business School carried out research to find out how much the breaks cost businesses and how long it takes a member of staff to make a brew at work.

This was based on 120 tea and coffee drinkers in St Albans workplaces that took around two minutes and one second to make a cup of tea. Research showed it cost 76 pence per cup made, compared to 69 pence in London and the national average of 59 pence.

Despite the costs, Mark Robinson, from Leeds University Business School, explained there were benefits to tea breaks.

He said: “Tea breaks provide an opportunity to chat with colleagues, strengthening the social ties that bind people to their organisations. By helping people feel that they belong in an organisation, they can therefore help reduce staff turnover.”

“Furthermore tea breaks provide some respite from mentally and physically demanding work, reducing stress levels and increasing concentration and motivation when people resume work.”

Research depended on the size of the business, which showed St Albans businesses with nine employees or fewer will pay around £298.29 per employee, who consume an average of two cups of hot drinks each working day for a year.

Whereas businesses with 600 employees would see an average cost rise to £408.19.