An artist from St Albans has played a unique role in the London 2012 games by decorating the faces of hundreds of spectators.

Hannah Padden has painted an average of 80 faces a day in her role as the only official face painter in the Olympic Village.

The mother of two said: “There was a party atmosphere the whole time – it was amazing.

“Everyone was in a fantastic mood.

“It really took off when the athletics started.

“There were constant loud cheers for Team GB.”

The face painter, who runs her own St Albans based company Glitter Box, was offered the position when recruiters saw photographers of her work on Facebook.

During the games she had a mobile kit which allowed her to walk around and set up in different parts of the huge site.

As well as Union Jacks she has painted flags from around the world including Canada, America and Australia, free of charge.

She said: “It has been really lovely for me to be able to offer it.

“It has gone down really well.

“People have been coming back for a second day.”

Mrs Padden began her Olympic experience by painting faces in Victoria Park when the torch passed through St Albans last month.

Now that the Olympics are over Mrs Padden hopes to return to the village for the Paralympics which begin later this month.

She said: “It was just fantastic to be in there.

“It was an amazing experience.”