Further to accusations that beleagured Welwyn Hatfield MP Grant Shapps had used an alias in his business affairs, altered his Wikipedia profile and provided wrong information on election literature, the WH Times newspaper has conducted a poll which reveals - as of this morning - that 86% believe that his reputation has been damaged.

Mr Shapps won a landslide Welwyn Hatfield election victory two years ago and has recently been promoted to become Conservative Party Co-Chairman by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Recent revelations in the national press have focussed  a spotlight on Mr Shapps' business dealings and, yesterday, Labour leader Ed Miliband saw fit to  lampoon him at their party conference.

It has also been reported that Google have now imposed an advertising ban upon his websites further to accusations of plagiarism by his former 'How to Corp' on-line business which was fronted by a 'Michael Green' , an alias allegedly used by Mr.Shapps.

The Tory MP has yet to defend himself on his own on-line Welwyn Hatfield Forum.