After the death of Jimmy Savile last October, WGC Tory councillor Alan Franey revealed his friendship with the DJ and Top of the Pops presenter and stated, on BBC Radio 5, "I spent a lot of time with him and would say I knew him probably as well as anybody else knew him.."

Mr Franey also participated in fundraising marathons with the former Jim'll Fix It star and said, "Jimmy would spend a lot of time going round the hospital [at Broadmoor] talking to staff and talking to patients, and if he could do any fundraising he would do so,"

But since his death, an increasing number of people have said that Savile was a sex predator, preying upon vulnerable, underage teenage girls; in stark contrast to the avuncular persona he portrayed on TV.  

And further to these revelations, Mr Franey was quoted as saying that he was "absolutley shocked and dismayed at the allegations…" and didn't have an 'inkling' about the molestations being claimed.

Mr Franey was also the Chief Executive Officer at the high-security Broadmoor hospital for nine years from 1988 where some of the alleged sexual abuses took place.

Savile is also accused of molesting patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Duncroft Girls school and the  BBC Television Centre. 

The BBC are now in the process of launching a full investigation amid claims that others within their organisation were involved in child sex abuse.