Brexit continues to make headlines in Wednesday’s papers, while pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Pakistan also feature on the fronts.

The Times writes that Prime Minister Boris Johnson may see Brexit delayed until the New Year as technical details about a deal may take until January 1 to finalise.

The Daily Telegraph writes that Mr Johnson is “increasingly optimistic” that a deal can be agreed between the UK and EU by the end of the week.

However The Guardian points out the problem may not be in getting a deal, but in selling it to his MPs after offering concessions to the EU.

The Financial Times leads on the same tale, saying that Mr Johnson will be “pressed to yield more ground”.

The Independent, questions if the prime minister is “getting Brexit done”, while the Daily Express says he will strike a deal that is “best for Britain”.

Metro focuses on the racism of Bulgarian supporters during and following their side’s loss to England.

The Daily Mirror leads on a similar theme, claiming the abuse suffered by England players was “part of an organised plot by local neo-Nazis”.

And the i says taxpayers are paying too much in “out of control deals” for public services.

The Sun reports on the case of severely brain-damaged Tafida Raqeeb who has been flown to Italy for treatment.

While the Daily Mail leads with a report suggesting women should be offered mammograms in their lunch breaks to “reverse the screening crisis”.