The Duchess of Cambridge followed in Diana, Princess of Wales’s footsteps when she was presented with a traditional Chitrali hat in the Hindu Kush mountains.

On the royal tour of Pakistan, Kate was given the traditional beret, along with a white coat, during a visit to the remote Chitral Valley.

Kate in Pakistan
The Duchess of Cambridge wears a traditional hat and cloak during a visit to a village in the Chitral Valley (Sam Hussein/PA)

The Duke of Cambridge was also presented with a book commemorating his late mother’s visit to the same place 28 years ago, when she also received an almost identical feathered cap and white coat.

In 1991, the princess took a private plane to Chitral in northern Pakistan.

The local women had all been kept inside and, surrounded by men, Diana was made an honorary Chitrali Scout and given an embroidered white coat and beret, complete with feather, before taking her seat as the guest of honour.

Diana in Pakistan
The Princess of Wales wearing a beret and embroidered coat after being made an honorary member of the Chitral Scouts in September 1991 (Martin Keene/PA)

As William was presented with his own matching coat and hat, Kate remarked: “It’s amazing – all that embroidery.”

The duchess wore a long taupe-coloured skirt and a darker coloured shirt under a leather vest for the visit.

Royal visit to Pakistan
William and Kate in the traditional garments (Sam Hussein/PA)

She opted for flat knee-high brown boots suitable for the rocky terrain, accessorised with gold earrings and a beige pashmina, while William wore a pale teal shirt and beige chino trousers.