Xisco Munoz insists his best days at Watford are still to come as he keeps his focus firmly on promotion to the Premier League.

The head coach is ticking off a list of objectives he has set to ensure the Hornets return to the Premier League at the first time of asking and game-by-game is hoping to work his way towards each.

While he is very happy with his first three months in charge, during which he has guided his side to nine wins from their last ten games, he believes even greater achievements are coming.

“First of all, I want to take points to achieve the playoffs,” said Munoz. “Second, I want to stay in the second position. I’ll try to take the second position. And also I will try another time to get the first position because I think everybody in Watford is ambitious, I’m ambitious about the situation and we’ll work very hard to try to arrive in the top, but we will see we will see what happens until the final.

“Right now we are working every day for the first objective because the first objective is to mathematically achieve playoff positions. And after, believe me, we are working very hard to try to get the second position.

“And after when we take the second position we will try to take the top because that’s our style of working. And we have to give the best for our club. All the situations have been important but I will wait for the important moment and it’s not yet arrived.”

Other than an improvement in the weather, Munoz claims he could not have asked for much more from his players since his arrival in England in December last year.

The Spaniard is the first to admit he still has a lot of adapting to do, but he said his team are helping him to adapt by working together to achieve the same goals.

“Everybody knows about the Championship because it’s famous across the world,” he said. “It’s a very hard competition. Also, we have a lot of games and it’s totally different to Spanish football. Sometimes in Spanish football, we have more time to control the games and it’s easier to get safety in the games. Here, it’s more difficult to do this. My experience of these three months has been brilliant, because I came to a very good club and everybody in the club has helped me a lot.

“Everybody has the same ambition, everybody has the same goal and for us, it’s perfect. I have very good words for everyone, because everyone helps in the same way with the same direction and everyone wants the same objective.

“Today, I spoke with everyone in the training ground, because I’m very happy with this situation and it’s important until the final we have everyone working with the same ideas to try to give everything for our amazing challenge.

“I missed the sun because the sun in England is difficult, you don’t have too much sun. But I think it’s been good, my first three months.”

As the season enters its final stages, Watford look set to be locked in a battle for second place with Brentford and Swansea City.

However, Munoz insists he is not concerned about his promotion rivals and is concentrating on his own team, with the Hornets currently sitting six points clear of third place.

“I think about the next game, I don’t think about what will happens with other teams,” he said.

“It’s important that we have our way. We have our style. Always we try to give a very good performance and we try to give our best for our club, we need to have respect for everyone.”