Xisco Munoz insists nerves are not affecting him as he looks to guide Watford safely through the final six games of the season and back into the Premier League.

The head coach has the Hornets sitting in a good spot, nine points clear of third place Brentford going into tomorrow night’s game with Reading, a lead that could be extended to 12 points, should they pick up another victory.

Asked if he was at all anxious before matches during today's press conference, he said he was much happier now than he was when the club was not flying high in second place.

“I’m enjoying this situation. It’s amazing,” said Munoz. “I was more nervous when we were far from our goal. I think now our team has good stability and we know we have good potential, we have good balance in attack and defence. Everybody knows the game, you can win, you can draw, you can lose, but I repeat now is the moment for everybody to enjoy it together and to give maximum power, big energy, and we will try.

“It’s an interesting game and it’s important tomorrow that we have big power and enjoy our game.”

Watford drew in their last game against Middlesbrough, ending a run of six consecutive victories, causing some disappointment among the players, but on reflection, Munoz felt it was not a bad result in the end.

“This is very good when you have a little 20 minutes to be disappointed,” he said. “We know our level and our ambition and what we want, but right now we are positive. We are now in a better situation than before the last game. We have more points. And we know what is the Championship. We know it will be difficult until the last game and now we only have one way and that’s to continue with our hard work.

“We need to give our focus, 100 per cent tomorrow in the game and not lose time thinking about other things, and after we will see what happens because the Championship, until the final, a lot of things can change.”

Having been in similar positions as a player, Munoz said he knows how the players are feeling - something he hopes will help him keep them as calm during the final stages of the season.

“I’m different in this situation. I stay more calm. I feel more better in this situation,” he said. “Right now I know what are the thoughts everyone has in this situation and also, we know it’s not enough until the final, and we need to be improving every day, with our tactics, our physical condition and different things. I feel the same.

“Now, it’s totally different, because I help from outside I’m on the second line. When you’re playing you’re in the first line, but also you feel the same. And also you want to give all the best for them.”

One emotional aspect Munoz is having to manage is the morale of players who are not in his starting XI at the moment.

He said it is important those players are not selfish and contribute with support off the pitch.

“The players aren’t selfish,” he said. “It’s important that everyone tries to give the best in all the situations, it doesn’t matter if you stay in the first 11.

"Of course, everyone wants to play in the first 11 sure, but it’s impossible. Now is the moment to have one thing, everybody working in the same way, everybody thinking about the team, everybody trying to help who stays near him. And only like this until the final. We will see who will start in the first 11, maybe another game it’s not the same, but it’s important to have very good team spirit.”