Carlos Sanchez is enjoying being part of a "cosmopolitan" Watford squad after a difficult period out of the game following his West Ham departure.

The midfielder feels he still has something to prove after he was allowed to leave the Hammers at the end of his contract and that Watford could provide him with the platform to show off his talents.

After impressing in the Hornets' 2-0 win over Reading on Friday night, the Colombian explained how the club had helped him move past a tough stage in his career.

"It was a little bit difficult because I feel fit and I want to continue playing," said Sanchez. "I had to have a lot of patience and keep training and one day Watford called me.

"The call was very warm and I could feel the confidence, so I said yes, of course, and I came in and I will do my best for the team. 

"It's now on me, I'm just enjoying the moment."

Despite only being at the club for just over a month, Sanchez said he already feels at home in the Watford squad.

"It's fantastic," he said of the team. "It's very cosmopolitan, there are many Spanish speakers, English, French, Italian, so very cosmopolitan. And I talk with everybody because I speak a little French, Spanish, Italian too, and English, so it's very nice."

The aim now for Sanchez is to continue to impress at Watford and hopefully be retained beyond the end of the season.

He hopes he will have another shot at playing in the Premier League, where he feels he has unfinished business.

"I always push myself to do better and I feel when I finished my contract with West Ham, my feeling was, I can do better in that moment.

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"But football is football. In West Ham they have many good players in my position like Declan Rice, who is one of the best midfielders now in England. So I waited for my opportunity, but he did very well so the opportunity didn't come.

"I keep working now. I want to show what I can do, and show that I can do better than I did."