Watford have introduced 50 per cent salary reduction clauses into new contracts, in case of relegation, to help keep the club sustainable in the future.

Sporting director Cristiano Giaretta confirmed that players would have to accept more incentive based contracts at the club following the financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Off the Pitch, the Italian said that the measures had been put in place to keep the club healthy, while also encouraging the players to earn their bonuses.

"This is the way to keep the club healthy and not kill ourselves. The seriousness of the pandemic means we need to adapt," said Giaretta.

"Players have to understand the more they are playing the more money they get. Because it's not normal to pay a player who will never play in the Premier League a Premier League salary.

"Show me you are a Premier League player, and I will pay you as such. After you've shown me that you can come to me and ask for more money."

Such an approach may initially seem off-putting for any potential signings, but Giaretta said it has actually been well-received by players and even agents.

The suggestion is that players coming to Watford will know they are guaranteed a salary from a sustainable club, rather than simply being owed money by a club who are struggling financially.

"The first response has been good with players and agents we've spoken with. We've also signed renewals in this way, and I'm very pleased most understand this," said the sporting director.

"We need to change the way in which clubs are managed, and players have to be open minded. It's better to go to a club with this strategy, a club who are able to guarantee your salary every week, than to a club with high salaries who are not able to pay on time."