George Sampson has said his new life as a celebrity is 'mad' and he is still surprised by the attention he gets from fans.

The break-dancing winner of the second series of Britain's Got Talent has been flying around the country on a private jet to sign copies of his new single.

And hoardes of teenage girls follow the 15-year-old wherever he goes.

George said: "You don't get this every day. Private plane, flying around the country and stuff. It's mad - absolutely mad. I never thought this would happen in a million years. It's mad stuff.

"I wasn't expecting any kids to be there at all, because it was school hours. I was a bit surprised at that! That was pretty cool. I'm still not used to it yet."

Simon Cowell has bought the teenager a luxury apartment in London's Covent Garden, and he will be moving down from Warrington to live there with his mum Lesley.

George's double A-Side single Get Up On The Dancefloor/Headz Up, in aid of Great Ormond's Street Hospital, is battling Take That for number one this Sunday.