The other day I was driving along the Hatfield Road and gently swerving now and then to avoid the potholes, as one does!  On the radio my attention was drawn to someone saying there are many pot holes on the way to Brexit.

But forget Brexit ! When I drive along, I really want these pot holes to be filled in to make the road smooth again. Then I wonder if the delay of having to submit to one way traffic lights so that the pot holes can be fixed, is worse than the problem itself!

But what about the pot holes in our own lives e.g the bad feeling left when someone has let you down;  a bit of guilt that you told 90% of the truth, but not all of it; a ( justifiable) grudge against someone in your own family ? If the hurts are left and you say you can’t forgive, that hole could get larger leading to major “stand-offs” with people, and you feeling worse !

So the solution is to put it right, to forgive from your heart. That’s difficult and gets worse the longer you’ve left the pot hole. BUT when it is done, the road is smooth again.  This hole may not be my fault, but with God’s help….  ( after all, he’s forgiven me all the really bad attitudes and deeds I’ve done…and paid for it by allowing his Son to take the punishment on the Cross ) ..  with God’s help, we can be totally at peace again.

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