When I was a little boy, I believed in the Easter Bunny. 

Easter for me was all about the chocolate and jelly bean filled Easter basket which appeared Easter Sunday morning. 

Sometimes there was even an Easter egg hunt. 

Easter was about celebrating new life with bunnies, chicks, lambs, with spring flowers blooming.  I loved it.

How do you celebrate Easter and what does it mean to you?

Now Easter means so much more to me. 

I still love all the symbols of new life used to celebrate Easter.  And my wife still gives me an Easter basket!  But now I celebrate the new life that comes from the awesome resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

As a young man, discovering the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the meaning of his death and resurrection changed my life. 

Now Easter is about celebrating this new life, the risen life, which comes from faith in Jesus Christ.

This past week there was an art display at St Helen’s church in Wheathampstead by Jenny Hawke. 

Her colourful paintings captured the vibrancy of this new life that comes from Jesus Christ bursting from the tomb to defeat death and give to all a new start.  Her artistic expression of new life in Christ was glorious.

This Easter I hope you enjoyed your chocolate Easter egg, but I hope you too know the glorious, colourful new life that is ours by faith because of the real meaning behind Easter - the resurrection of Jesus.

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