Recently, with snow melting to slush and mud, I enjoyed a long walk around Highfield Park. We left home with the dog wearing a rather nice jacket, which I’d made myself out of fake fur from the market… As we ended the walk, we realised the dog had somehow lost her coat! With no time left to search for it, I resorted to social media. A quick post on the Highfield Park Facebook page and within 24 hours a message came back that the coat had been retrieved. I called round to collect it, expecting a filthy and muddy garment. But no, the finder had already hand washed it and hung it out to dry! Such kindness from a stranger added to the joy of finding what had been lost.

Rediscovering a lost possession can be enormously satisfying. Sometimes though, we can lose ourselves for a while, which can be harder to recognise and resolve. A familiar piece of music, poignant photos, or a visit to a significant place can be profoundly helpful, triggering memories and a sense of connection. Over Easter I found that myself, in the beautiful Mezquita in Córdoba: a powerful trip down memory lane, soaked in thousands of years of history and culture.

Pilgrimage is said to be making a come-back now and we are fortunate to have the Abbey on our doorstep for peaceful prayer and meditation. We can all benefit from taking time to remember who we are and how far we’ve come.

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