I’ve just come back from a holiday in southern Spain.  What an opportunity to soak up the sun and see sights I’ve never seen before! Hmmm!  On the first whole day we stood shivering in pouring rain in a central square in Madrid and the weather continued wet and cold for several days.

I now know what I am NOT good at! I am not good at finding my way around airports or anywhere really.  I got detached from my party on the first day with no Spanish. I also got stuck in a train toilet and had to bang and shout for help!

But I am good at some things. I really enjoy teaching my piano pupils. I enjoy writing.  I have a voice that is good for radio.  I enjoy sketching homeless people in the foodbank and giving them a portrait to take away oh yes, and I really love working in my garden.

What are you good at ? Think about it.  A lot of our make-up, what we are, is given us by God…. Ask yourself if you are using it to the best of your ability! I’m trying not to chatter on about myself all the time, but to let others talk, and not to cap their stories. Perhaps you are a good listener. Perhaps you are the silent one that others confide in. Perhaps your smile makes the room light up!

Whatever is good about you, God put it there. Use it and give him the credit for it.

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