The heart of every Albanite will be bursting with pride this week as our splendid new museum opens its doors.  We are now a proud two--museum city, with a wonderful heritage trail of Mediaeval Abbey and Roman City to link them up. Our previously rather depressed city centre is sad no more, so let the festivals, whether folk, dance, film, arts or theatre, commence!

St Albans historically was a nationally important place of gathering. In the Middle Ages, pilgrims flocked from all over the country to our famous shrine, and while they may not flock in quite such amazing numbers to the museum, it’s surely time to celebrate all the events that makes us special.

The Alban procession on Saturday June 23rd is one such event. It’s entirely our own and great fun for everyone – spectators and participants alike.  If you haven’t attended for a while – why not come and join the fun and take in the new museum at the same time?

And while enjoying our living heritage, spare a thought for the faithful souls who keep our traditions alive though good times and bad, the folk musicians, archivists, curators, guides and vergers, and the hundreds of people who work tirelessly to keep our churches open. St Albans has been a place not just of gathering, but of Christian witness, since Roman times. Let’s keep it that way

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