How creative are you? Some people are artistic, others can organise, some can see things from a different perspective.

Creativity comes in many different guises, but everyone is creative to some degree.

Our creativity is in part a reflection of the image of God in every human being. God is the creator. God is creative.

However you feel the universe came into being, Christians believe that God played a primary part in its design.

We can discuss how that design was implemented, but Christians affirm that human beings, creatures and all creation are in some way an expression of God's creativity. And creation is amazing.

A stunning landscape, or birds in formation, or the dazzling shape and colours of animals - all these can astound.

So it is natural that human beings are creative. Part of the recent Harpenden Carnival was a fantastic display of Art on the Common. Various artists displayed their craft and it was wonderful.

There is another arts festival in Harpenden, called 'Cultivate: beauty, order and abundance,' from June 21st to 24th. It is sponsored partly by Harpenden Churches Together.

There will be artworks of all kinds - painting, photography, quilts, poetry, drama, music and more. For a programme, see

Come along and enjoy the creativity on display!

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