As my garden in St Albans, not without some plant fatalities, slowly recovers from this summer’s drought, I am yet again thankful to live where the rains usually return in moderation.

Countrywide, farmers suffering from last winter’s heavy rain, and the cold, followed by a dry summer, need our support, but the UK has not suffered the severe weather as in other parts of the world, which has resulted in loss of life.

Some reports from the wealthier countries of the Northern hemisphere this summer, include the mudslides, (followed swiftly by the heatwave) in Japan, and the deadly forest fires, which in Greece trapped people near the sea, resulting in the loss of many lives.

However, the monsoon floods in parts of India, particularly Kerala have shown loss of life and property of a completely different scale. It is likely that the flood related loss of life in India will again be over 1000, as it was in 2017, and previous years. Although more could be done to improve infra structure, the Kerala floods were exceptional.

Human- triggered climate change is under pinned by scientific facts and whilst views to the contrary are expressed we have a personal moral duty to support efforts to halt irreversible damage to our planet.

God created the world and gave humanity the task of caring for it. For me as a Christian I cannot separate my faith and politics.

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