“But you didn’t tell me ! “ 

 The other day, a friend  told me that she and her neighbour had had no water at all for 2 days in her flat. You’d think that the authorities would have the courtesy to tell them!

We’ve watched tired families at airports, arriving to discover that their flight is not flying and not knowing when the next one will be.  Surely information would lessen the devastating impact and disappointment!

It’s been reported locally that a boy could not get to school as his bus from Sandridge was not running any more.

In all these things, the refrain is “But you didn’t tell me!”

I was talking to a very lively and healthy lady who was a few years off 100. We were chatting  and I just wondered what she thought was                                     going to happen after her body finally died.  She was happy to discuss it. Do we return as another creature or something else ?   Do we just snuff it, full stop? I put forward  the Christian belief that there is a choice of heaven or perishing in a dark place  called Hell. Like the other possibilities, there is no way of proving this.

 However, world -wide, men women and children are prepared to suffer torture , persecution and death for just this belief……that Jesus is alive, and  Heaven is real ….spiritual or physical…I don’t know……where there is unspeakable joy, glory, and  peace.

I don’t want anyone to look at me and say “ But you didn’t tell me !”

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