What is your typical Sunday like? In 1994 the Sunday Trading Act was passed permitting restricted Sunday opening for shops for the first time.

Shortly before this I remember meeting my running mates early one Sunday morning at the empty Quadrant car park in Marshalswick, and telling them it would soon be humming on Sundays.

Much earlier, in 1958, I was at my church one Sunday morning and felt I wanted to respond to a call to become a Christian.

I resisted on the excuse that I had promised my mother I would buy a tin of rice pudding from the Jewish shop on the way home. This was the only local shop allowed to open on Sundays, but closed at 1pm.

If I stayed back at Church for counselling I would miss the shop and we would have no dessert!

Shortly after, however, I made my commitment, thank God, which still stands today, 60 years on next month. In addition to family and job, do you have commitment? What to? Is it for the long haul or just a fad? Is it toward good things or unhelpful things?

I honour our Queen, who has been magnificently committed to us as our Monarch for more than 65 years.

Our world would be a sadder place without the commitment of thousands of people across many good causes. However busy you are, will you bless the world with your commitment?

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