Halloween has grown to be big business. It’s everywhere this week in St Albans and Harpenden.

Well-known retail brands sell anything from spooky clothes to pumpkins.

Schools organise special projects.

‘Strictly come dancing’ has a theme night devoted to it.

It’s just a spot of fun to liven up the darker evenings in the long haul to Christmas. And to give something special for children at half-term.

Or is it?

Halloween makes light of evil in the spiritual world.

Christians are not against fun. Christians are not against special treats for children.

But we are wary of Halloween simply because we believe there are spiritual powers of darkness – and know they are not something to be trivialised. They are dangerous.

This is why many churches lay on special events for children which focus not on darkness but on light.

The Big Tea at Christ Church, High Oaks, St Albans at 5.00 pm. on 31st October is one such.

It’s a free event for all the family including dinner, crafts, bouncy castle, games and lots of fun. But all in a positive context of light and goodness.

At Christmas we remember that Jesus Christ came into this dark world to be light. He confronted the powers of darkness and overcame them on the cross.

We need to rejoice in and accept for ourselves the light he brings, and reject the darkness of a world that plays with the idea of evil.

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