Oh there’s not a dry eye in the house at the annual junior school Nativity !  Such lovely angels with their golden curls and glistening tiaras! and a tea towelled innkeeper, saying there’s no room at the inn and such amusing cows and donkeys, with no poo in sight !

But we have as a society prettified the most amazing narrative in history, that is, if it’s true.

Looking at the story in today’s light, you can see an unmarried teenager, explaining to her fiancee why she is pregnant, and not with his child; you can see this same couple, just saved from being rough sleepers on the streets by a stranger’s kindness ;   you can see refugees, fleeing from a tyrant; and his slaughter of hundreds of babies and infants because of his fear of a usurper.

Maybe it’s easier for today’s society to see this story as a wonderful excuse to party, to spend lavishly on presents, and alcohol !

We may not want to believe that God, the creator of the whole universe, -that world that David Attenborough is pleading for us to save,- that God decided to  break into his world in the person of Jesus, but world-wide, thousands are tortured and killed for just this belief.

For those of us who do believe it, although we enjoy the fun and jollity of the season as a welcome winter break, to actually say we know God personally , is the most satisfying state ever, and it all began with the first Christmas.

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