This is the Week of Christian Unity and the need for unity is ever more important. At Christmas, a report by NGO Open Doors ranging across 50 countries, showed that in 2017, 322 Christians were killed each month for their faith. Additionally, 250 million Christians suffer some degree of persecution from discrimination to imprisonment and torture. The countries included the Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, those in the Middle East, and Asia, especially N Korea.

This has stimulated the UK Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to commission a review of the UK’s efforts to help the world’s persecuted Christians; the report is expected by Easter.

There are about 35 Christian Churches in St Albans, and many of the central ones including Marlborough Road, Trinity URC, St Peter’s, St Michael’s, Ss Alban & Stephen, and the Salvation Army meet annually for a number of events, including a September Prayer Walk around St Albans City churches, December Advent Prayer, and on April 19th the Good Friday Cross Procession and Unity of the Cross Service.

 Last week for Christian Unity, there was a candle exchange between Ss Alban & Stephen and Trinity URC, and a pulpit exchange of preachers between Dagnell Street Baptist Church and Ss Alban &Stephen; a talk at Marlborough Road Methodist Church, as well as prayer time at St Paul’s Hatfield Road.

In a world where there is corruption, greed and injustice, Christians must unite to be a means of Christ’s healing grace for the brokenness of the world.  

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