I wonder how many St Albans residents regularly speak to Alexa? It was headline news on Christmas day when Alexa crashed… It appears that too many people simultaneously asked her to turn on their music or light switches, leaving her overwhelmed and unable to cope.

This got me thinking: how many people around the world confidently talk to Alexa every minute and unquestioningly expect her to meet their needs? Has the clever marketing of Alexa created a real persona, where we imagine a human being responding to our requests?

One reason people give for not praying is that God must surely be too busy, how can he possibly hear everyone at the same time? Or have time for me? Well, since we expect Alexa to, I suggest we try a little harder to believe that God may just be even bigger than that. If we trust Alexa to pick our music, how much more can we trust God to hear a heartfelt cry?

Prayer is a process and one that we do not fully understand. But look carefully, and we can see the difference that it makes. Miraculous responses can be both large and small, but equally astonishing and wonderful to receive. Some say answered prayer is merely coincidence, but even Sherlock Holmes when his brother asked: What do we say about coincidences? replied: The universe is rarely so lazy.

This week try speaking to God more than to Alexa and just see what happens.

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