I reached 68 in January and so decided to retire fully at the end of the month

We decided to start positively so on 31 January my wife and I flew to Central Mexico and for the month of February supported the work of our family of churches there and in particular their work with street children. We had a wonderful if humbling time which made us appreciate even more how much we have here in St Albans and it was a privilege to serve in some small way. Mexico is in many ways a thriving country with much to offer but many people fall through the support net. What did strike us however was that wherever we went most people whatever their circumstances seemed to be happier, more generous and have a more positive outlook than we often see back in St Albans. Maybe the long hours of sunshine help – or are we in danger of losing something?

One thing I did discover was that the Spanish word for retirement is “jubilado” which is based on the biblical word jubilee. To me it sounds so much more positive and full of hope.

The Bible talks about there being a season for everything. I want my jubilado season to be a time of new opportunities not just relaxing off into the sunset! I have acquired an adult kick scooter mainly to keep up with my grandsons so if you see me whizzing around Fleetville remember my jubilado but also keep well clear!