In our church, a pretty stone church in Harpenden, it is wedding season.

Spring and summer are the main times in which people arrange their weddings, whether at the register office or in church.

People marry in church for all sorts of reasons. Some like the beautiful backdrop, the music, the ceremony — a bit more special than the register office. One couple I married, when asked why they wanted to be married in church said, ‘I always wanted bells at my wedding’. For some it is tradition, mum and dad were married in the same church. For some it's spiritual, in that they want to make this serious commitment before the Almighty.

Statistically, fewer people are getting married in church, but over all there is a slight increase in the number of persons getting married. Some of this is due to the number of second marriages.

I understand the hesitancy to get married. It does represent a big commitment, to be legally and morally bound together for the rest of your life. I so admire when a couple come to get married, having lived together for a number of years. It shows that they have come to a point in their relationship that they want to make this commitment to each other. If you attend a wedding this summer, rejoice with the couple. Marriage is a good institution that enriches our society and family life.

We should encourage and support all who choose to make this big commitment.