The other day, I went to munch a ginger biscuit from a carton left in the kitchen. The carton was empty! But a trail of crumbs signified mice. Oh no, not mice again! However, it was their second visit that made me laugh out loud. You see I had left grapes out. I knew they never went for fruit.

But behind the microwave next morning were about 20 purple grapes. Mice had moved them about a metre from the box.....but how? Were they a trained team, each rolling or kicking a grape to their target, or did they carry them in their paws? Oh I wish I'd seen them. My imagination leapt to Beatrix Potter's tale of the Two Bad Mice, and also to the Borrowers, so I just couldn't be cross.

I was given a packet of Petunia seeds for Christmas. I rarely plant seeds but I really nursed these, and finally planted them out, only to realise that they were all weeds. My gardener friends and I had a great chuckle over that ,

God has a sense of humour.So says James Cary, co scripter of the Miranda series.

I just wonder whether we could live a bit easier in life when things go wrong, if we called on that God-given gift - a sense of humour !